We are back blogging at last!

Firstly apologies for the delay! Here at Crafty Little Tinkers HQ we had a very manic Christmas and since then its been non stop busy which we are loving! Our parties have started to take off now with regular bookings which is very exciting for us and we are loving the new themes we have been able to add including a recent Peppa Pig themed party! Here is Peppa and friends at the party splashing in their muddy puddle...

Valentines is approaching and we are well underway with our prep for our events! We are super excited about our new light activity sensory area which will feature in both the baby and older children Valentines events as its so flexible with changing the activities to suit each age group, it also means that we gain new equipment to use in future sessions at both Crafty Little Tinkers and Baby Explorers and for us that's like Christmas all over again!

So what do we have in store for the next few weeks? Well this week sees us exploring the theme 'Myths and Legends' at CLT...we wont give too much away but one thing we will be playing around with is Gloop!!

Now gloop is seriously easy to create...so easy you can even try it at home! The younger ones may not think much of it but from the age of about 18 months toddlers and children love playing with the stuff...some children tend to be a bit cautious at first...not too sure if they like the texture or the way it feels but the great thing about gloop is it doesn't stay on your fingers so its not something that will leave much mess...except in the tray you create it in. Another great thing about gloop is you can

colour it, we just squirt some poster paint in whilst mixing it up and you can add lots of accessories! Glow sticks, glitter, dinosaurs in green gloop to make a swamp or farm animals in brown gloop to create mud! Below is a photo from last years Valentines event where we mixed gloop with red paint , glitter and rose petals...

So how do you create gloop? It literally takes 2 ingredients...cornflour and water! We buy just a tub or box from the local supermarkets, it doesn't have to be a particularly expensive brand. To fill a tray as big as the ones we use you would need about 4 or 5 tubs. Just empty the tub of cornflour onto which ever tray you are using and slowly add water mixing with a spoon...you will know when you hit the right consistency. The gloop will sit hard to the surface of the tray but become watery when picked up...it will then gloop down from your hands back into the tray and turn hard again. Using your hands to pick gloop up is always good fun but you will have to get your fingers right in there with a bit of grip to lift it off the tray...we add spoons as sometimes the children prefer to use something to pick the gloop up where they don't have to actually touch it themselves.

Glow sticks are great in white gloop with the lights turned off for a real sensory experience with light and gloop! The children will love to use the glow sticks to lift the gloop up with the colours mixing through.

Gloop is really easy to create at home, and you don't need a big quantity of it for your little one to have fun...an old roasting tray would do to mix it up in and for them to play with it in. We know mums don't always like lots of mess at home and that's why this is ideal because its really not that messy...have a towel underneath the tray to catch any gloopy drops that escape and cleaning up is easy...run hot water over the tray and the gloop will just wash off or wait till it dries harder and scrape it off then wash the tray out.

You could even create brown gloop and use it as a muddy puddle for your Peppa figures and friends!

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing some of you at our sessions this week...next weeks blog might include our secret recipe for playdoh...maybe!

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